CLOCK HAZARD Diffusion Ver.2

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We present to you a collaboration between a radical dance music record label CLOCK HAZARD, and Yoyorecreation with the release of a special edition Diffusion one more again!

CLOCK HAZARD Diffusion Ver.2 is now on sale.

The Diffusion features a one-off Pink clour-way with CLOCK HAZARD art-work specially designed for this release.

And CLOCK HAZARD wrote musics again for this CLOCK HAZARD Diffusion 2. 

The track lengths are all around the 90 seconds mark, and so are perfect for using in freestyles right away.

CLOCK HAZARD Difusion2 is attached with download code that you can download the music from the link below:

CLOCKHAZARD/Yoyorecreation special site:

*CLOCK HAZARD Diffusion Ver.2 is one of the variation of Diffusion.