Tastes in yo-yo design are constantly changing.
Recently, relatively over-sized diameters of 55mm - to 57mm have become the standard in the yo-yo market. It is commonly thought that diameters any smaller in size suffer from short spin times, and simply can't meet the demands of the modern-day yo-yo player. Because of this there has been a decline in the number of smaller options on the market.
The Yoyorecreation Sputnik contests the current trend as a contest-viable low diameter model.
As well as being nimble and easy to move - characteristics of a smaller yo-yo - the Sputnik was designed to squeeze the the most spin-power possible out of a small sized yo-yo. As a result the Sputnik's spin-power is far beyond what is imaginable for a 52mm diameter yo-yo.
In yo-yo design there is always a trade-off between nimbleness and torque, and by striking the perfect balance, the Sputnik boasts usability unlike anything else of it's size. The 2013 and 2014 Asia Pacific titles won using a Sputnik are a testament to this yo-yo's pedigree. 
We are pleased to continue providing this model which laughs in the face of trends and reminds us all that sometimes bigger isn't better.